Berverly Herrero-Hart: Throwing words at others

08/24/2014 8:34 PM

08/24/2014 8:35 PM

Re “Enough about the gay issue, already” (Letters, Aug. 11): The writer wondered if everyone is growing weary of debating the gay issue? You say you believe in “live and let live.”

You ask why would anyone consciously become gay? To be conscious of something is to know you are or it is. “Become” means to change. Those I know who are gay have always known they were gay. They didn’t change who they knew they were, they didn’t decide “today, I am going to be gay. So everyone will call me names and hurt me.”

I hope no one would put themselves in such a difficult situation just to be the center of attention. No one is looking to get beat up on purpose.

“Christo-fascists,” I had to smile at that one. It is interesting how some people hate what the Bible says and how it seems to make people angry for no other reason than its teachings interfere with the way they want to live. Good or bad, we are sometimes consumed with guilt. God doesn’t condone sin from a gay lifestyle or a Christian’s “holier than thou” lifestyle.

“He who is not quilty gets to throw the first stone.” Yes, but if you understood what Jesus was saying, you wouldn’t be “throwing” your own words toward anyone else. You make yourself no better than those who have committed the sin you hate.

Beverley Herrero-Hart, Modesto

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