John S. Herlihy: Why did Democrats pass on ethics law?

08/21/2014 3:00 PM

08/21/2014 11:36 PM

On Aug. 15, there was an article regarding several bills that did not make it in the Legislature (“Legislature kills difficult bills ahead key deadline,” Page A3). Senate Bill 2065 was a bill to give legislative aides and staff an avenue to complain if they felt there were ethics issues with their legislator, prompted by the rash of recent Democratic wrongdoings.

I find it interesting that we have a Democratic-controlled Senate, a Democratic-controlled Assembly and a Democratic governor, yet they are afraid to have a bill that would give staff an avenue to report ethics problems. I thought the Democrats were for the common guy, not for stealing from them.

It appears there is no oversight since the Democrats control everything; it’s like having a fox guarding the henhouse. Could it be the Democrats are stealing from the cookie jar in record numbers? Who really knows?

I call out both Republicans and Democrats to quit stealing from the citizens of California. You know who you are. It is not just the blatant issues that have been in the news, but also protection of political cronies. Our Legislature is a den of thieves.

Even though I am a Republican, and I don’t always agree with Gov. Jerry Brown, I think he is one of the few honest politicians in California government.

John S. Herlihy, Modesto

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