No sympathy for his rolling stop

08/21/2014 2:52 PM

08/21/2014 2:53 PM

Re “Modesto cops on quota system?” (Letters, Aug. 19): I had to chuckle reading this letter; lots of excuses and finger pointing but not a word about accepting responsibility for breaking the law. The writer admits he did not stop at the stop sign.

That mean ol’ cop will probably win a toaster oven for meeting his quota. Being a slow learner myself, I ultimately found that if I followed the rules, I did not get tickets. It’s a hard lesson, but stop at stop signs, don’t drive and text or use your cellphone, obey the speed limit, use your turn signals and that mean ol’ cop won’t give you a ticket. By the way, he is just trying to keep you and your fellow drivers safe.

I live on a corner, with a stop sign, on one of those less-traveled streets. If MPD sent an officer to my street he would get writer’s cramp from writing tickets to people who do not stop at the stop sign. Not sure why, but we have grown to feel those signs do not apply to us. I find it tough to muster any sympathy for this gentleman; pay your fine, buddy … and let that mean ol’ cop win his toaster oven.

Bill Jaques, Modesto

Roll-throughs are getting worse

Re “Modesto cops on quota system?” (Letters, Aug. 19): Stop means stop, not roll through if you don’t see other traffic. It’s the law that you stop. It doesn’t mean, “if there’s no traffic, go ahead and drive through.” If you don’t stop, you’re breaking the law. If a police officer gives you a ticket for not stopping, you deserved it! The police officer was just doing what we pay him, or her, to do. There are laws many of us don’t like, but we obey them. I see dozens of “roll-throughs” every week, and it’s getting worse. I wonder when one of them will cause an accident.

Scott Goss, Turlock

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