Truman Cobb: What does Bee know about trades?

08/17/2014 6:00 PM

08/17/2014 6:02 PM

On the Premium Section “5 Easy Pieces” (Aug. 10), I would like to comment to the contrary about the article concerning construction. I am totally disappointed and surprised with The Bee writers’ comments, including Mike Dunbar and Jeff Jardine, considering that neither of them, or anybody else who wrote “5 Easy Pieces,” have ever lifted a hammer or a tile saw or a level and have only lifted no more than a pencil in all their years. They know nothing of construction, skilled or unskilled. As a 35-year construction worker, I am totally appalled that they can call those who work in construction a “mostly unskilled workforce.” They are just writers – not construction workers. I follow Jardine and Dunbar, and The Bee respectfully, but may not continue to do so. Thank you so much for your praise for the skilled construction workers in Stanislaus County.

Truman Cobb, Modesto

Editor’s note: In its Premium Edition, The Bee did not mean to imply that those who work in construction are unskilled. A small number of construction jobs are unskilled, but the majority require skills and many require professional certifications. Neither Mike Dunbar nor Jeff Jardine authored the sentence cited above. Jardine worked in construction one summer while in college and both Dunbar and Jardine have worked on many rental and home remodeling projects, sometimes together, using hammers, levels, tile saws, drills and even pencils.

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