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08/15/2014 12:00 AM

08/14/2014 11:13 PM

Kudos to Modesto for the new bike lane on Oakdale Road between Floyd and Orangeburg avenues. One hopes it gets extended to the north, as this stretch is one of the most dangerous for cyclists. One doesn’t notice it much in places like Modesto, but there’s a worldwide renaissance of cycling, with many younger folks not even bothering to get driver’s licenses.

Cycling has so many benefits, personal and municipal, that forward-looking cities are finding ways to encourage the trend. Bike lanes, bikeshare programs, signage and education for drivers and cyclists have broad benefits for the community at a budget price.

I have one suggestion for bike route signs throughout the city. These signs have arrows pointing out the route, but no indication of where the route leads. I suggest using alphanumeric designations for the routes and publishing a map, available at bike shops and places like the Visitor’s Bureau. There should be more bike racks too, especially downtown.

As a serious cyclist for half a century, I am looking forward to more progress in this area.

David Lamber, Modesto

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