Letters to the Editor

August 14, 2014

Evelyn Steele: Rally to save Medicare Advantage

I have a CareMore Medicare Advantage policy, and it’s done so much for me in the six months I’ve had it. It would really be a shame to see my plan damaged by the Affordable Care Act. However, that just may happen if the cuts to Medicare Advantage go through as planned. My doctors are doing the best they can to preserve my eyesight, which is failing due to glaucoma. A test revealed that I have 40 percent artery blockage, and my knees are shot, in large part because I drove a forklift truck for 40 years. In about three months, I will have knee surgery. Most of the prescriptions I get for my eyes cost $5, except for one brand-name drug, which runs me $35. It would be disastrous for my plan to be degraded in any way.

If the cuts and taxes continue, then the excellent care I receive may come to an end. Those of us who worked hard over the years only ask that we now have access to good health care coverage. Please join me in urging Congress to stop the devastating cuts and taxes on Medicare Advantage.

Evelyn Steele, Ceres

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