Letters to the Editor

August 14, 2014

Nancy Burch: Cartoon an Israeli propaganda tool

The Aug. 12 editorial cartoon in The Modesto Bee is a good example of propaganda produced by Israel’s government. It blames the deaths of civilians in Gaza on Hamas and tries to absolve Israel of any responsibility. It ignores the war crime charges for bombing U.N. schools that did not have weapons or militants, and for the deaths of children playing soccer on a beach where no fighters or rocket launchers were around. Gaza is totally isolated and controlled by Israel, just like an open-air prison.

Israel does not allow construction materials into Gaza, so they are aware of the hardship their wholesale bombing of houses and apartment buildings will cause survivors. (Most Gazans are not Hamas.) The rockets Hamas uses are pretty ineffective, even without the much-touted “iron dome,” so there is no way this can be called a fight. It is a massacre, verging on genocide.

It seems similar to the Warsaw Ghetto of the 1940s, all walled in and separated. The prisoners in Warsaw also created a force of resistance fighters, not unlike Hamas. I’m sure the Hitler regime also considered Zydowska Organizacja Bojowa and Zydowski Zwiazek Wojskowy to be terrorist groups.

Nancy Burch, Ceres

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