Merry Creed: Don’t spend my taxes on diapers

08/07/2014 1:43 PM

08/07/2014 11:27 PM

Don’t spend my taxes on diapers

I could not believe my eyes when I saw the article in The Modesto Bee (“Bill would start first diaper assistance program in U.S.,” Page A3, Aug. 2) that taxpayers are now being asked to add to our debt and pay $80 per month for disposable diapers to mothers of families on welfare. The list of their “benefits” gets longer every year. Here is a novel idea: Use cloth diapers like thousands of us did over the years. We survived, our children were not traumatized, they were dry and clean, the diapers lasted for a couple years and then became rags to clean with. We, the taxpayers via the state, cannot continue to support all these people on welfare, it simply is not possible. I realize there are some legitimate reasons for some people to get help, but those are in the minority now. We now support fifth and sixth generations of families on welfare. It has become their accepted way of life. Get your hands a little dirty and start washing real diapers.

Merry Creed, Sonora

Make do with cloth diapers

Help teach these young mothers how to care for their babies. For mothers who cannot afford to buy disposable diapers, buy or make your own cloth diapers. Go to a fabric store and buy enough white cotton fabric to make several dozen diapers. Buy a pail and use it to place your diapers in and soak them before washing. I never had a baby with diaper rash, either. The dirty diaper came off, and I immediately put a fresh diaper on my baby. I washed my diapers every day.

Anna Bennett, Delhi

Now Obamas want to ban cupcakes?

I heard there is a bill on its way to President Barack Obama brought up by Michelle Obama regarding cupcakes. Now isn’t that important? I’ll bet that will be passed with no problem. People bombing each other, children stuffed in rooms from the border, vets dying while not being able to see a doctor, IRS in shambles, people in Chicago shooting each other, a soldier in a Mexican jail that the president could have helped but didn’t ... should I go on? Now we hear about cupcakes that need to be banned. They may fund a field trip, or some good cause, or maybe they just like cupcakes. I think Girl Scout cookies should be next. They have been around forever. Michelle Obama, I think you should leave food up to parents and tend to your own children. The government is intervening in too much of our lives. We like cupcakes.

Linda Meyer, Sonora

Guns are actually safer than cars

I know columnist Nicholas Kristof (“We have a blind spot about guns,” Page A11, Aug. 1) thinks he is making a solid case for more gun control, but he could not be further from the truth. Cars kill a lot more people than do guns. Cars have killed people while their drivers have been distracted, drunk, unskilled, etc. People with cars kill many more people than do people with guns. Why? Because people with guns know they have a dangerous weapon in their hands; people who drive don’t view their cars as dangerous, so their cars kill more people accidentally than people with guns do on purpose. You and your family are going to look pretty stupid standing in front of a group of thugs bent on robbing you, raping your children and then shooting all of you in the back of the head. Go ahead and wave your flier about gun control in front of your attackers and let’s see how many of your family you can save.

Dennis Lewallen, Turlock

Editor’s note: According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 32,351 people died from gunfire in 2013; vehicle-related deaths numbered 33,783.

Denham’s true feelings don’t matter

You may doubt Congressman Jeff Denham is really in favor of immigration reform (“Denham’s true colors showing,” Letters, July 24), but there is no doubt that a Republican-controlled House will not allow a vote on it. So?

Steve Ringhoff, Modesto

White House protected; why not border?

I find it interesting that we can’t build a fence around our border but we can build a fence around the White House. I guess this or any other first family is more important than we second-class citizens.

Karen Kern, Modesto

Beware of road improvements

I wonder if the people in Wood Colony have been duped by the Stanislaus County Board of Supervisors and Modesto City Council? Is annexation on the horizon after all? Isn’t road improvement one of the first infrastructure pieces when looking to attract a buyer or developer? I just wonder why – out of all the roads in Modesto and around the county that need to be fixed – segments of Blue Gum Avenue and Beckwith Road were selected? Just segments that would in the plan. Not that road improvement isn’t needed, but just those sections had priority? It seems a little opportune.

Lynn Bogdanovich, Modesto

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