Verna Hutter: This lifeboat is already full

08/05/2014 5:26 PM

08/06/2014 12:04 AM

The political cartoon published Aug. 1 in The Modesto Bee mockingly depicts Gov. Rick Perry of Texas, who, without any help from this administration, correctly took action to protect Texas and its citizens from a devastating invasion of illegals. Gov. Jerry Brown, on the other hand, with the Latino vote dancing before his eyes, openly welcomes more illegals against the wishes of the citizens of California. His actions are contrary to immigration laws. He is jeopardizing the health of our children as multiple cases of tuberculosis, chicken pox, parasites and scabies arrive with them. Common sense would dictate that this invasion is not coincidence. This is organized crime and someone is bankrolling this activity. As for the heart-tugging label “children,” which conjures the image of toddlers, a good percentage of these invaders are healthy, strapping, heavily tattooed older teenagers. In essence, our governor is welcoming more gang activity and a drug culture, as well as an uneducated, unskilled and unnecessary burden to a state that has already over-exploited its taxpaying citizens. A lifeboat has limited capacity.

Verna Hutter, Groveland

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