David Mollett: What’s wrong with our nation?

08/05/2014 5:26 PM

08/06/2014 12:04 AM

What’s wrong with our nation?

I am ashamed of our government. Our House of Representatives and Senate leaders leave for a five-week recess leaving behind so much work. They seem to say, “Hurry up and escape to the Hamptons; the tough decisions will be here when we get back.”

But this never ends and we, the people, are left with a big mess. Will the public stand up and organize a militia to take this once-great country back and steer it toward a common good?

I think not. We are too busy raising families, playing baseball and spending a little of that hard-earned money we finally have now that the economy has slowly turned around. And why should we fight? We voted these professional politicians into office to do that work for us, to make those tough decisions and work together.

I just don’t see any progress. I do, however, see selfishness and we, the people, do not hold them accountable. It appears our system is flawed; perhaps it hasn’t been able to modernize fast enough, or our system cannot govern the size of this population, I’m not sure. I do know I am very disappointed in our government.

David Mollett, Modesto

Denham neglects women’s health

As a woman in the Central Valley, health care is one of the most important things to me and my family. Our representative, Jeff Denham, voted to allow health insurance companies to charge women more for health care than men and even voted to make it tougher for women to receive critical cancer screenings. While voting to decrease women’s access to health care, Denham voted to give himself health care for life. The women of the Central Valley need a congressman who will stand up for our health care, not just health care for himself. Michael Eggman gets it. He’s not a career politician, and in Congress he’ll be a common-sense leader and stand up for women’s health care.

Alice Schultz, Turlock

Denham part of do-nothing Congress

After trying dozens of times to overturn, defund or delay the Affordable Care Act, House Republicans voted yet again to waste taxpayers’ money to sue the president for using his lawful authority to delay one provision of the law. Of course, Rep. Jeff Denham voted yes. Why is this self-proclaimed fiscal conservative wasting his time and our money on this stupid, pointless and hypocritical lawsuit? When are voters in his district going to realize he represents the worst of this historic do-nothing Congress? He gets nothing useful done and he wastes our money doing it.

Brent W. Burhans, Turlock

This lifeboat is already full

The political cartoon published Aug. 1 in The Modesto Bee mockingly depicts Gov. Rick Perry of Texas, who, without any help from this administration, correctly took action to protect Texas and its citizens from a devastating invasion of illegals. Gov. Jerry Brown, on the other hand, with the Latino vote dancing before his eyes, openly welcomes more illegals against the wishes of the citizens of California. His actions are contrary to immigration laws. He is jeopardizing the health of our children as multiple cases of tuberculosis, chicken pox, parasites and scabies arrive with them. Common sense would dictate that this invasion is not coincidence. This is organized crime and someone is bankrolling this activity. As for the heart-tugging label “children,” which conjures the image of toddlers, a good percentage of these invaders are healthy, strapping, heavily tattooed older teenagers. In essence, our governor is welcoming more gang activity and a drug culture, as well as an uneducated, unskilled and unnecessary burden to a state that has already over-exploited its taxpaying citizens. A lifeboat has limited capacity.

Verna Hutter, Groveland

Prices keep going up, but not income

Reading The Modesto Bee, I read there are a lot of people behind on their payments. How can they catch up when everyday prices go up, but their salary stays the same? Food goes up, gas goes up, etc. Give people a break, most of us are on fixed incomes.

John Chiesa Sr., Modesto

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