Nancy Hamer: Many ways to conserve water

07/31/2014 3:35 PM

07/31/2014 11:59 PM

First there aren’t any quick fixes for our water shortage, except to use as little water as possible. Long-term fixes are to build more dams, particularly in the mid state and down by Fresno or Bakersfield. We could also cover all open irrigation ditches and big canals.

Yes this is expensive, but by reducing evaporation, you can make about 30 percent of the water. You also stop needless drowning deaths when a car or person gets in a large canal or ditch. The cities on the coast need to start building desalination plants (they say the ocean is rising, so lets start using that water and slow the rise).

We must stop pumping water from the ground to water crops that would never have grown there to begin with, particularly during a drought. If you can get irrigation water from a dam or river, that is different. I know the farmers are hurting, but the water in the ground has limits and once the groundwater is gone it doesn’t come back in a one wet year. If the ground settles, it never comes back.

Please, Gov. Brown, no tunnels in the delta. They will destroy the delta by creating an imbalance between fresh water and sea water. Spend the money for the tunnels on dams. And to all the environmentalists: there were dry years in the past and the fish survived. Maybe suspend all fishing when the rivers are low. Sacrifices must be made.

Nancy Hamer, Oakdale

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