Letters to the Editor

July 26, 2014

Lillian Rivera: Leave killers off the front page

Regarding “Execution lasts 2 hours in Arizona” (Page A1, July 24): How dare you waste the front page with the boo-hoo story of a killer’s suffering! When executed, they should die the way they murdered their victims; then maybe a few hours of gasping would seem more pleasurable.

It’s sad how we forget the pain and torture of the victims and their families. The dirtbag got to live for 25 years after the pain he caused.

Too much attention is given to the criminals. Save the back page for them.

Instead, use the front page to post pictures and stories of those military heroes who protect and die for our country and freedom that we take for granted. You would have a story for every paper issued from this day forward until the end of the world. Ponder the thought.

Lillian Rivera, Riverbank

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