Letters to the Editor

July 26, 2014

Judy Kropp: Do liberals oppose public safety?

Thank you for continuing to report on laws regarding the mentally ill. In “A breakthrough in helping the mentally ill” (Opinions, July 13) you gave some background on Laura’s Law, which San Francisco will be voting on soon. I hope our county will consider adopting this law also.

You made a statement in your first paragraph that “liberals have been the strongest opponents of insisting that people who are so sick that they don’t know they’re ill receive care.” I consider myself a liberal politically, but have never opposed this idea. Will you please give me the background for your statement?

Judy Kropp, Oakdale

Editor’s note : Organizations such as the Citizens Commission on Human Rights and the Treatment Advocacy Center and individuals such as public interest attorney Jonathan Turley have advocated for individual rights of the mentally ill. The Bee believes such rights are valid, but must be weighed against public safety concerns.

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