Jim Brughelli: Real mistake is poisoning the public

06/30/2014 3:28 PM

06/30/2014 10:34 PM

Regarding “Bypass info now public – in error” (Page A1, June 29): So the Caltrans newsletter concerning Highway 132 is misleading! The only misleading that is occurring is the misleading of our elected “leaders.” They fail (or refuse) to recognize and address the fact that the berms the 132 alignment is to be built on are toxic! Caltrans has made an unauthorized decision to entomb the berms so groundwater won’t be contaminated. It already is!

They tell us that levels of contaminants are too low to cause cancers and organ damage. It already has! The 132 project has been immersed in closed-door decisions, misinformation and downright lying. Modesto has a toxic waste site surrounded by schools, homes and businesses, and it must be removed.

We have entrusted our elected leaders to make decisions that safeguard our well being. Has greed clouded the sense of StanCOG’s judgment? Can any of you collectively show the integrity and statesmanship you touted during your campaigns? Are you really going to take the “cheap” route and entomb the berms? Is the present and future health of the citizens of Modesto worthless? Apparently it can be bought with a few loads of concrete.

Jim Brughelli, Modesto

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