Lisa Pena: Lawsuits are vengeful, destructive

06/23/2014 4:24 PM

06/23/2014 10:19 PM

Regarding “Wave of lawsuits reaches county” (June 22, Page A1): Shame on Cynthia Hopson for using her disability for monetary gain and shame on the lawyers helping her. Without trying to enter a business, she drives by and takes pictures and then slaps a lawsuit on them causing them to close. Most places do not try to exclude people with disabilities on purpose, and businesses established in older buildings often have difficulty, or outrageous costs, in revamping to accommodate citizens with disabilities.

Small businesses and families have lost everything because of her lawsuits. There are plenty of large chain restaurants in our area that have been built in the last decade that can accommodate her for an evening out. I am most disgusted to hear she is a teacher. I hope my child is never in a classroom with such a person; she is not a role model. She is not standing up for the students in her classes who are disabled. It is clear her disability is not the wheelchair in which she sits.

Lisa Pena, Hughson

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