Letters to the Editor

June 20, 2014

Jack Heinsius: Paying cost of student debt

Thanks for the insightful op-ed regarding the student debt crisis, “Mortgaging the future prosperity of U.S. students” (Opinions, June 16): With the world economy already suffering from an ill-prepared workforce, financing of the U.S. educational system needs reform – not obstruction.

Republicans object to debt-easing on the basis of cost. They want economic stability – they got it. Real income for the vast majority of Americans has flat-lined for decades while the earnings for the non-vast minority, who largely bankroll the anti-reformers, is on its way past the moon.

An increasingly undereducated, debt-burdened population is just what we need if we want this trend to become permanent. There is a difference between investment and expense.

Jack Heinsius, Modesto

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