George Medina: Focus on enemy, VA concerns

06/18/2014 4:04 PM

06/18/2014 4:05 PM

Regarding the exchange for five Taliban prisoners: I’m intrigued by the persecution of a soldier we’ve yet to hear from. Fox “News” host Chris Wallace even asked, should Bowe Bergdahl be executed?

He’s a soldier of the United States and entitled to have his say according to the Uniform Code of Military Justice, not the Taliban or the right wing. Further, Bergdahl volunteered when many who criticize him wouldn’t go or send their own.

Breaking news: The war is ending and we need to get our people out. It’s customary to exchange POWs at war’s end. Don’t agree? Then al-Qaida has succeeded in changing your values.

He’s not the first to be disillusioned with a mission; we don’t know his intentions or circumstances, but he deserves the benefit of the doubt. The man was held for five years.

The exchange should be scrutinized. Yet, the return of Bergdahl should be seen as, hopefully, closing chapters of Guantánamo Bay, hypocrisy of our values and ending the war.

Unfortunately, the Taliban may regain power. As in Vietnam and Iraq, they must determine their destiny. Our focus should be on al-Qaida and veterans returning with physical and mental health needs, not political football with a soldier’s life.

George Medina, Turlock

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