Letters to the Editor

June 15, 2014

Edwin Silva: Address influx of kids at border

In their home countries they are advertising America will care for and educate your children. They will eat well, do sports, and be treated as citizens send your children to America. So they have come. The nation is oblivious to this quiet invasion. The children, because they have come so far from Central America, are not being sent back, but being held in detention centers.

They look like dogs in a pound. How long will they be held there? What is our administration doing about this influx? They expect 148,000 by next year. Will we just continue to hold them, if they have no family to retrieve them? Will they be adopted? Will they go into our foster care system?

Why isn’t this on the front page?

Melinda Reynolds Tripp, Turlock and Pine Mountain Lake

Missing benches at Graceada

To the city officials who deemed it necessary to remove the metal benches from the tennis courts at Graceada Park: Why?

Isn’t there one tennis aficionado amongst you?

Second case scenario: To the tweakers who stealthily stole the benches:

I hope the dope you bought was bunk, break your pipes and go to rehab.

Thank me later, end of story

Edwin Silva, Modesto

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