Tom Andres: Colonizers are getting colonized

06/15/2014 2:18 PM

06/15/2014 4:38 PM

Regarding “A humanitarian crisis the world must now own” (Opinions, June 10): Yes, “Where are Angelina Jolie and other celebrities?” Adoption fatigue? All the predictable results of worsening overpopulation as Western nations throw their borders half-open, cruelly advertising infinite resources.

President Obama’s “record” deportations? According to Homeland Security’s own figures, the result of newly counting routine border turn-backs as full-fledged deportations. After declaring kids off-limits, what did Obama expect, a few more smiling faces at the next White House Easter Egg Roll?

Imagine booting your tyke out the door to haplessly travel alone “a long dangerous journey during which they will be prey to human traffickers, criminals, disease and injury.” Those “traditional family values” the GOP is reaching out to?

The infinite redoubling of our population numbers will ultimately destroy Western civilization itself, as we see in everything from girl slavery rings in “Londonistan,” to the regular weekend car-arson updates in Paris.

What is really going on here? Some say it is the Victorian Era’s “White Man’s Burden,” inverted. Just as we once thought it was our duty to colonize and reform the world, now our mission is to be colonized by the world, while reforming the colonizers.

The final cost will fall upon our grandkids’ grandkids – and it will be very high.

Tom Andres, Sonora

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