William Yee: Driver needs to accept responsibility

06/11/2014 8:47 PM

06/11/2014 8:48 PM

Regarding “Driver hopes to be forgiven” (Page A1, June 4): According to Ronald Nole, he had a medical episode, resulting in the death of a 12-year-old girl with major injuries to her mother.

Nole feels he should be forgiven because “millions of diabetics drive every day.”

But those millions do not cause major accidents. Also, millions drink and drive every day but they do not get drunk and drive. There are degrees of diabetes, with most controlled by diets and little medication. Obviously, Nole has a severe case and probably had indications of fainting before, as indicated by his extreme low glucose level.

And like his excuse, Nole is a self-serving and entitled man who, I believe, will continue to drive whether he has a license or not. As a thought: I wonder if the mother of Nole’s 13-year-old male passenger would so easily forgive Nole if the boy had been the fatality.

William Yee, Modesto

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