Mike Noordewier: Denham helped motivate this CEO

06/02/2014 5:13 PM

06/02/2014 11:14 PM

A couple of years ago, we were contacted by Jeff Denham’s office and asked if we would like Denham to stop by and talk about some of our concerns. I thought this odd. The election was still some time off. I didn’t immediately see a reason why he would care to meet with us. We readily agreed to have him come in, but his purpose eluded us. Jeff came in and spoke to our employees. He was very informed about the Valley’s issues, and I found myself agreeing with most of his ideas. Then he did something I never expected – he met with my partner and me and challenged us to grow – to reject the recession, avoid layoffs and add more jobs.

Easier said than done, but Denham understood our business better than I believed possible. He gave us concrete suggestions and had insight I would not have believed possible – I have much more to say about this, but the long and short of it is that without Denham’s help, we might not have done as well as we have. We not only met his goals for us, but now we are even exceeding them.

Credit needs to go to where credit is due. If you are a Republican or Democrat; if you want a job; if you want your children to have jobs; if you are white, black, Latino or other; if you want what is best for this Valley, please support the only politician I have ever met that is looking out for somebody other than himself. Join me in voting for Jeff Denham.

Mike Noordewier, Modesto

CEO, United Sign Systems

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