Anne Senk: More church, fewer electronics

05/27/2014 4:14 PM

05/27/2014 10:42 PM

Regarding “Parents’ frantic bid failed to stop killer” (Page A1, May 26): What a terrible story to wake up to in the paper today. A young man overprivileged; wealthy, elite parents; love-deprived and driven crazy by lust. This type of social angst is common today and will become worse because of all the overuse of electronic stuff – whether it’s violent video games or too many smartphones.

People really don’t socialize enough in our society. Too many people don’t realize, either, that divorce is like a “death in the family” to a child. They said he was in “therapy.” Think about that one for a while. When is the last time you lost a parent, miscarried a baby, had an uncle die suddenly, or lost a brave relative in battle?

Want to avoid this scenario in your own family? Start attending a church that you like. Stay married, if you can, and take your children to Sunday school. Any Christian church will be able to help you, and there’s no cover charge. Just get up and go.



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