Letters to the Editor

May 25, 2014

Leonard Choate: If not humans, who else will help?

Regarding “Humans can’t cause climate change” (Letters, May 16): The letter was interesting, but annoyingly selective. While his statements may be accurate, they are unfairly incomplete. The writer knows, or should know, that human activity has not been claimed as the sole cause of climate change, nor would a reasonable person suggest that. However, a reasonable person most likely would conclude that human activity has had some negative effects on climate over the past several hundred years and more so since 1750/1800s (the modern industrial era.) For example, deforestation, air and water degradation and huge, long destructive wars have had some serious effects.

We may not be able to prevent climate change, but we need not encourage it out of ignorance or denial, as the letter writer seems to approve.



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