Marty and Vicky Mcateer: Calkins will protect Wood Colony

05/19/2014 4:05 PM

05/19/2014 11:22 PM

Why vote for Scott Calkins? Supervisor Terry Withrow did not publicly voice his support for Wood Colony until his position as supervisor of District 3 was challenged. Think of all the money, stress and heartache that could have been saved if Supervisor Withrow would have told the Modesto City Council “no” to Wood Colony. Challenger Calkins is a Wood Colony resident, Hart Ransom graduate and Modesto High School teacher.

Expansion of Highway 132: Supervisor Withrow supports this expansion right through Wood Colony, while saying he supports Wood Colony. How can you do both? Challenger Calkins opposes this unsafe expansion, knowing the Dakota Road expressway will follow. He has not missed a StanCog meeting, believing the expansion will open Wood Colony to further development.

Road signs: Challenger Calkins, an avid bicyclist (one of many in the district), has attempted for years to obtain “share the road” signs for public safety. While we appreciate the nice signs that have been placed in Salida and Wood Colony recently (just in time for election) we wonder: Were they placed for votes? They do nothing for public safety.

Vote for Scott Calkins for improvement of District 3.



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