Diane Kroeze: Overpumping endangers our lives

05/15/2014 12:05 AM

05/15/2014 12:06 AM

I doubt the writers of letters concerning the level of the Stanislaus River thought that if it hadn’t been for the dams being built and other human action, the fish wouldn’t have lost their habitat and thus lost the ability to reproduce per nature’s rules. Unlike the fish, we are not on an endangered list – yet!

Given the gross amount of well drilling by “local” (and other) farmers – who may or may not have actually farmed in recent times; who have forgotten, or don’t care or don’t believe in the lack of water in this Valley and California – we might actually get on that endangered list in the coming years. Farming defines this area, but greed could very well undermine all of us in the future. It certainly destroyed Owens Valley, years ago. Lack of water and greed does that.

Perhaps it would be helpful to define “local” and just how big some of these farmers actually are. How far away they are from working in the actual dirt are they? Hopefully not many will be like Jeff Denham, who uses the words “local farmer” when in fact he is not a farmer, but an owner of an abused orchard and a plastics company.



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