S.S. Baker: Blood sport ignores sanctity of life

05/14/2014 4:28 PM

05/15/2014 12:06 AM

I looked in vain in the piece by David Bultena, “Time to make cockfighting legal in our state,” (May 9, Page A11) for a hint that he was not serious in his suggestion, but it appears he was. I shudder to think that an adult can honestly propose the sanctioning of this, or any, blood “sport.”

He states it’s a victimless crime; the victims are, of course, the roosters – bloodied, injured, hobbling around with razors strapped to their shins, pecking at the dead foe in a dirty ring. But the more immediate victim is our sense of morality and decency, all for the sake of a testosterone high watching two animals instinctively maim and kill each other. Take a Viagra, Dave.

Abuses in the poultry industry need to be addressed, but feeding the populace is a different goal than cheering on an uncomprehending fowl who is following its genetically programmed battle plan. What’s next, Dave, tying a Chihuahua to a pole so as to allow a pit bull to tear it apart? We train them for the dogfights, don’t we?

Respecting the sanctity of life can only be taught by example. Allowing these practices, though legal in some cultures, to flourish here cannot be sanctioned.



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