Letters to the Editor

May 14, 2014

Rae Waltman: Cockfighting column was appalling

I was apalled at the article written by Dave Bultena (“Time to make cockfighting legal in our state,” Page A11) in the May 9 newspaper. Even more appalling was the fact that The Modesto Bee would encourage such an obscene opinion to be published! Don’t we have enough violence to read about?

Bultena actually infers that there is absolutely nothing wrong with cockfighting. Nothing wrong with the bloody mutilization of helpless, defenseless animals all in the name of “fun”? If this is such victimless entertainment, why not make it a family outing? A drive to the country, fresh air and a real opportunity to bond with your children.

The article refers to the lack of intelligence of the chickens. More disturbing is the fact that Bultena actually encourages the “intelligence of a paperclip” reasoning!



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