Letters to the Editor

May 8, 2014 4:27 PM

Hot topic: Outpouring of support for Monteith

I’m appalled that The Bee is supporting Dave Lopez for Stanislaus County supervisor. For all the years he has served the public, is there nothing else you can use to put a shadow on his record besides the West Park Plan? You mention in the comparison, that Dick Monteith will be 86 years old when this term is over. Well, doesn’t this allude to age discrimination? Dick has said time and time again he feels the people living in Wood Colony and Salida should be the ones deciding on their future. Dave Lopez has voted on both sides of the issue. When he thought it would be to his advantage, he voted against Wood Colony. Then when he felt it would be to his political benefit, he switched sides. We certainly do not need people like this on the Board of Supervisors. We have enough discontent on the Modesto City Council. It certainly doesn’t need to spread to the board. Join me in voting for Dick Monteith.

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