Gordon Chan: California teachers are best in world

05/07/2014 4:19 PM

05/07/2014 4:20 PM

Regarding “Lawsuit targets shoddy teachers” (Page A1, April 24): California teachers are perhaps the best-trained teachers in the world. We are provided curriculum that changes over a period of time. We start with the model curriculum, then standards, now the Common Core and ERWC. We adapt to these changes and use methods dictated by the state.

In the past, we had to have a cross-cultural language and development certificate, learn differential instruction, provide for language learners by using sheltered instruction, adhere to a student’s IEP, use technology, mainstream physically and mentally challenged students, and at the same time, provide rigor and relevance all in the same classroom. We are evaluated by administrators who ensure that teachers engage all students and maintain the high standards of reading complex text material. No matter the student’s reading ability or language acquisition level. We, as teachers, must post our objectives on our board in student-friendly language, follow a pacing calendar, or calendar provided by the district. We must continually stop our lessons, check for understanding, remediate if necessary before continuing.

Many students from China wish they could have teachers like the ones we have in our state. Most of their teachers just lecture and do not care about their students.



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