Ed Staley: Foxes still ‘guard’ affordable houses in Modesto

04/27/2014 5:38 PM

04/27/2014 5:42 PM

A writer asked in her letter to the editor, “ Why no charges filed in SCAP scandal?” (Letters, April 24). Why no charges yet in the SCAP scandal? It is really no mystery. Because if charges were filed against the ringleaders, Denise and Joe Gibbs, too many other public officials in the city of Modesto, too many of the old board members of SCAP and too many Modesto-paid staff would have to testify what they were doing to earn their living while the foxes made off with the henhouse. Why do you think that fully a year later the city of Modesto paid $278 per square foot for the “affordable” housing at Archway Commons on Ninth Street? To me, that was outrageous. Mayor Garrad Marsh, don’t blame the taxpayers for trying to stop the scandals by voting down Measure X. The city foxes are still alive and well here in Modesto.



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