Letters to the Editor

April 27, 2014

Yvonne Hudson: It’s the Wild West in Georgia

The Wild West is alive and well in Georgia. The governor just signed into law a bill allowing you to carry a gun in different locations. Let’s see:

Bars. A blast from the past! Now there is a good mix, booze and guns. Think poker (pool) table shootouts.

Churches. Don’t think Jesus, the Prince of Peace, would mind a few handguns in the pews.

Schools. Not a bad idea, if the adult packing doesn’t have a meltdown.

Airports. Travelers shouldn’t feel uneasy with a guy toting a pistol around the gate.

And last but not least, government offices. Who needs to vote when you can just shoot them out of office? This is the Second Amendment on steroids! One positive is that gun manufacturers and gun sellers will see an uptick in orders and sales. Way to pump up the economy, Georgia!



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