Letters to the Editor

April 26, 2014

Pastor William Heinrich: Only you can help save Wood Colony

We in Wood Colony all have Modesto addresses, but we cannot vote for or against the Modesto City Council. The City Council has chosen to put some of our land in the city’s general plan, and we cannot stop them. We come to their council meetings by the hundreds, they listen courteously to our cries of frustration, and, after the last speaker, they discuss and vote again to take our land. I don’t dislike any of them, but I do dislike the lack of true democracy. This is truly taxation without representation.

They do not feel responsible to our cries but only to those who vote for or against them. Only you can help your neighbors to your west. Call, write or email your city councilperson saying you live in his or her district and they should back off their plans to take farmland west of Modesto city limits.



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