David J. Fauskin: Attack on Obama contained no facts

04/24/2014 3:10 PM

04/24/2014 8:31 PM

Attack on Obama contained no facts

The letter “Obama attacks the Constitution” (Letters, April 14) belongs on the Opinions page since it apparently contains no facts whatsoever. The letter accuses President Barack Obama of conspiring to take away our freedom. How?

During the Civil War, President “Honest” Abe Lincoln suspended habeas corpus, declared martial law and even shelled civilian draft protesters. During the Vietnam era, President Richard “Tricky Dick” Nixon lied about secretly bombing Cambodia (along with other crimes and misdemeanors) and even fired the special prosecutor assigned to preside over his impeachment. He was later pardoned by President Gerald Ford.

Confessed war criminal George W. “Chickenhawk” Bush violated the Geneva Convention, lied to Congress and the American people, illegally invaded Iraq while letting Osama bin Laden escape, suspended habeas corpus and spied on innocent citizens.

All three of these Republicans trashed the Constitution by invoking extra-Constitutional powers of a wartime president.



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