Dave Mollet: Volunteering shouldn't be just a one-day thing

04/20/2014 3:11 PM

04/20/2014 4:04 PM

I am amazed at people sometimes. I read the story “Cop watched over tot found at bloodbath” (Page A7, April 13), about the police officer who, upon entering a grisly murder scene, took the lone surviving child into her care. For 30 years, this person checked in on the girl and at a critical point in the young girl’s life became the caretaker.

This is what I call carrying the ball into the end zone. Is it enough to volunteer for a day, picking up trash or painting over graffiti? Or should the cause that drives you be your life mission?

Life is so much more than eat, work and play. Our world, and even closer to home our environment needs help from ordinary people – people willing to take on the burden of another’s need. The lady pushing her motorized chair when the battery ran out can use a hand. I met an 82-year-old neighbor who took on the duty of caring for a dog who lost its home. She doesn’t need another pet, but saw the problem and did her best to resolve it. We can all help. We can all carry the ball to the end zone.



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