Charles Lamance: Yearning for a bygone America

04/16/2014 4:40 PM

04/16/2014 4:41 PM

On April 13, I was surprised to see a letter on the Opinions page that I so much agreed with (“Poor mom had plenty of options”). This is a letter I was prepared to send on the day the letter was printed. I’m so glad to see that other people feel as I do.

What has happened to the America that I loved? People have forgotten the phrase “love thy neighbor as thyself.” I’m 75 years old and as a young boy we had a different America. The people took pride in hard work, not depending on anyone. My family was really poor, not like the poor of today. The poor of today have cellphones, TVs and many times two cars in their driveway. They get welfare, food stamps, free medical and more benefits than I can list.

The pride of hard work and taking care of their families has been taken away from them by our ever-expanding government. There are so many jobs out there that can be filled by people on welfare, but they can make more collecting welfare, so why work.



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