Letters to the Editor

April 10, 2014

Nick Stamos: Obama, bring down gas prices

As I filled up my vehicle for the second time this week, I wondered why we are still paying over $3.50 for a gallon of gas. When President Barack Obama took office, gas had been at around $1.65 a gallon; it would fluctuate up and down but generally stayed below $2. This affects every aspect of our lives. Almost all commerce requires transportation. From the clothes we buy to the food we eat. The philosophies of the administration, from the EPA down, have consequences for all of us. I feel we are at a tipping point in this country and if we don’t act soon, these politicians we’ve elected will think they can do to us what they want.

It’s time to become proactive, write letters, call, become more involved so they know we are keeping an eye on them. Stop the EPA from costing us in our daily lives. America was once a strong, self-sustaining, free-thinking country, it’s time to get back to that.



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