Ken King: Don’t view Fox through tunnel vision

04/10/2014 8:51 PM

04/10/2014 8:52 PM

Regarding the letters “No room left for sanity on Fox News” and “Fox makes up what it calls news” (April 9): If all you see is hatred toward Obama, then your racist tunnel vision is getting in the way. Time and again, Fox will bring together both sides for a fair, balanced exchange. But yes, at times, there are too many zealots on the stage from both sides.

Liberals have a hard time accepting anything but their own press about anything. Even faced with the truth, they go with the race card first, distorted truths second and an all-out attack third.

Fox does not make up news, as you would like everyone to think, and they are not racist, like you try to make others believe. The word has lost it true identity.

More often than not, Fox News will cover a story the mainstream media won’t because it does not follow the liberal format. Take a look at what Obama said were wrong actions for Bush to make only in the end to do those same things.



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