Beverly Herrero-Hart: Signs of mental trouble are evident

04/06/2014 5:15 PM

04/06/2014 5:16 PM

Regarding “Ex-Stanislaus teen held in deaths of father, brother” (Page A1, March 28): Many tend to ignore all the signs of mental instability that stare us in the face every day, walking around with blinders on, pretending what is around us is someone else’s problem. When violence rears its ugly head, reactions are varied by our outlook on what we think is right or wrong.

The situation of the 14-year-old boy accused of murdering his father and brother is wrong. Did the boy’s history of violence give no clue there could be a strong indication he could be capable of violence? Then again, a lot of people are capable of violence.

I think we have a harder time with a child being the one who commits the crime. Regardless of the age of any person who kills in a fit of rage or without remorse, it is wrong.

The history, home life and personality are big factors in a child’s behavior. Yet many other factors must be present, too, for such acts to occur. There are no perfect parents and no perfect children. One day shock and disbelief at such crimes will not be the normal reaction. Many of us see or experience violence every day.

What has happened is beyond sad.



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