John W. Vetter: Common Core is junk

03/30/2014 7:22 PM

03/30/2014 7:23 PM

Parents, by now you have seen the TV ads and the barrage of Internet ads regarding Common Core being taught here in the Empire school district and Modesto City Schools. Please research this government monstrosity by Googling the Brookings Institute, Cato Institute, Hoover and Heritage Foundation. All have negative research on the minimal gains, at best, from the project your children will be taught. Of course if you follow the money, the California State Board of Education has adopted Common Core as it has $4 billion in grants up for grabs. This “Race to the Top” initiative is sponsored by your president, Barack Obama. Just like Obamacare’s one-size-fits-all health plans (e.g., men getting covered for pregnancies), Common Core is a cookie-cutter approach to teaching and gets away from local schools having control over your child’s curriculum. Much like being sold a car you haven’t researched, this lemon called Common Core – paid for with your tax dollars – is junk. Parents, as buyers, beware; do your research; go to the Empire school district and tell them no to Common Core!



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