Letters to the Editor

March 27, 2014

Ramon Covington: Obamacare is working

Lately I have been hearing a lot of unfair talk about Obamacare. Obamacare is meant to help Americans live better lives and provide insurance to the millions of uninsured Americans. I feel like there is unfair talk because for the past 20 years providing health insurance for people has been one of the Democrats’ main points while the Republicans have done nothing but get richer and have no care in the world for Americans.

From what I have seen, as far as Obamacare, it has worked. Last week I heard three stories that verified that. I read stories from Julie Boonstra, Michelle Hebert and Fergus Cullen, a former New Hampshire Republican. Julie and Fergus are now saving more than $1,000 on insurance because of Obamacare; Michelle now has low-cost insurance after a year. After reading their stories, isn’t Obamacare a good thing? I think so.



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