Richard Smith: Bee, get your Cal Polys straight

03/27/2014 8:57 PM

03/27/2014 8:57 PM

Regarding the headline “Cal Poly Pomona dances way into tournament” (Page C4, March 20): How about a little fact checking? I was so excited when Cal Poly San Luis Obispo made it into the NCAA tourney and then went on to beat Texas Southern in the first round. I can understand that on a national level, the sports world doesn’t know the difference between the two California schools. But I was really disappointed to see headline in The Modesto Bee the next day referring to the school as “Pomona.”

The ties to Cal Poly “SLO” are special and unique for so many students from this area who have attended because of the terrific engineering, ag and all-around academic programs. Our daughter, who is a senior at Cal Poly SLO, sent me a link today from the San Luis Obispo Tribune that called out The Modesto Bee for making such a blatant mistake. No wonder Modesto is the butt of so many jokes. I do love Modesto, but we should be able to do better than this!



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