Letters to the Editor

March 27, 2014

Joe Dooley: Modesto council trying to steal land

A truism: No one in his right mind would want to hold political office.

Examples: Modesto City Council and mayor. They have shown their arrogance, greedy self-serving natures in stealing the Wood Colony area. Worse, they insult the intelligence of those they are stealing from by telling them they will get jobs that will be from paving over their land. Right!

Some minimum-wage job that “might” start up in a state that is anti-business. Wood Colony families already have careers and jobs that allow them to live on farms that not only feed their families, but thousands of others. Use the property by the airport. It has freeway access along with rail and air.

Open your eyes, Modesto. What’s to stop the Modesto council and their low-rent mascara jockeys from taking that which belongs to you using the power of eminent domain? They have done it before. I will do what I can to eliminate the mayor and council members from office and replace them with those who listen to the citizens and not attack good people who did nothing more than live and work.



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