Letters to the Editor

March 22, 2014

Walt Butler: Tell whole story about guns

After reading the editorial “ Don’t let gun issue block new surgeon general” (Page A8, March 20), I feel some questions need to be asked for the information listed in the article.

Why was the increase in crime in both England and Australia not addressed? After the gun bans in these countries, crimes against people increased dramatically, for the criminal has nothing to fear from a homeowner.

I also see that you selected only a few countries that fit your needs. Well, in Sweden every household is required to have a weapon and be trained in its use for defense of the country. I am so tired of hearing about assault weapons. They look like automatic weapons but are only semi-automatic weapons, which mean you must pull the trigger every time to fire, unlike an assault weapon, which has full-auto fire mode.

If you in the media would present the full details of the issue, more people would understand the issue. It is not about hunting, but about protection when the cops are busy elsewhere. Ask yourself what does 48 hours do for a waiting period? I thought it was a 7-day waiting period in California, not 10 – but it has been awhile since I bought a gun. More money for mental health, gee, what a novel idea. If you do the research, I think you might find that most of these people have mental problems that were not treated. Next time, tell the whole story, not just one side of it.



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