Letters to the Editor

March 20, 2014

Chris Hansen: Easter season is a time for rejoicing

Three anniversaries occur this year, 2014, which only occur every 11 years. On April 18, Good Friday, we will commemorate the brutal death of Jesus Christ. Then, on April 19, we will remember with sorrow the horrific event unleashed by Timothy McVeigh when 168 people were blown to bits (many of them preschool children.) On April 20, a billion people will rejoice at the thought of Jesus Christ rising from his grave.

How do these events connect? Evil did its worst. However, Jesus did his best! And a billion people believe that we ain’t seen nothin’ yet! Those billion believers know that Jesus will finish what he started by finally conquering evil.

Consider this: Professional Roman executioners made sure that Jesus would die from at least six causes of death: exsanguination (severe blood loss), dehydration (loss of bodily fluids), hypoxia (loss of oxygen), shock (induced by agonizing pain), trauma (from severe beating and crucifixion) and sepsis (massive bacterial invasion from wounds). Yet, men died gladly swearing that they had seen him alive over a period of 40 days!

I conclude, as do a billion others, that professional executioners and Timothy McVeigh were no match for Jesus Christ!



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