Lynne Bacca: We must help Ukraine

03/18/2014 4:01 PM

03/18/2014 11:28 PM

I am strongly concerned about the situation in Ukraine. Ronald Reagan was strong enough to say, “Tear down that wall,” and the Soviet Union dissolved. Thousands of people were set free from oppression. The Soviets never forgot “the sour taste in their mouths” when this occurred and have been planning a revitalization of communist rule ever since.

The “waffling” of this administration’s foreign policies has emboldened Vladimir Putin and others to do what they want. Putin will not stop his takeover of the countries.

Under President Bill Clinton, a Democrat, Ukraine was told that America would help to protect them in time of need. So they downsized their military. Now the current administration is faced with upholding that promise. What is our show of strength and honor going to be?

The POTUS (president of the United States) is being poorly advised and has an “America is not unique” opinion. If America does not show strength now, more and more people will lose the freedoms they now live under. How would you feel when lined up with others and eliminated by a foreign regime? May your last thoughts be to thank God for the life you have lived and wish you would have done something to prevent a foreign takeover of America.



Thanks to Mercy Medical staff

My mom was admitted to the hospital with some very unexpected news that devastated the whole family. From day 1, CNAs and even the janitors at Mercy Medical Center made us feel like my mom was the only person on that floor. One nurse in particular, Pamela, was not only caring and compassionate to my mom, but made sure that I was being taken care of. Whether it was something to drink, a pillow or a warm blanket, she never failed to ask. What a godsend. My family and I will be forever grateful for taking care of all of us. And to the rest of the seventh-floor staff, keep doing what you do; you are all truly awesome.



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