Michael A. Clarke: Comprehensive water policies needed

03/16/2014 6:00 PM

03/16/2014 6:01 PM

It was fun reading Rep. Tom McClintock’s recent editorial, especially his description of California’s future as a green grass, swimming pool, air-conditioned and brightly lit paradise (“Environmentalists block path to future,” Opinions, March 12).

He pointed out that this paradise will be possible once we get those pesky environmentalists out of the way and get rid of all those laws that protect silly fish and many other critters that share our planet. He expressed concern about California water “lost to the Pacific Ocean” – although a lot of bay and ocean plants and animals need water too.

He happily displayed his credentials as a climate-change denier, a position also held by many prominent non-scientists. Though disagreeing with his suggestions, I must compliment him for staying focused on water issues: He wrote an entire article without once including the usual Republican tea-party references to Benghazi, Hillary Clinton, Obamacare or the IRS.

We must develop strategies for water conservation and protection of the environment before it is too late. Building more storage facilities sounds good, but might only result in more partially filled reservoirs. Though our future may not include lush green lawns, we need to come up with water policies that won’t destroy fish, farmers or our environment.



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