Ralph Valverde: Seeing the benefits of medical marijuana firsthand

03/12/2014 4:26 PM

03/12/2014 4:28 PM

Thank you, Modesto Bee, for the article “Cities, police back pot regulation for first time” (Page A10, March 5).

Welcome to the 21st century.

I am 66 years old now and, at 55, I got into a bad car wreck and hurt my lower back. The doctors wanted to do back surgery. I told the doctors let’s wait, I would like to try something else.

The doctors gave me shots, epidurals, and put me on hydrocodone, Flexoril, Valium, ibuprofen and aspirin. I was a walking zombie – on doctors’ orders. I was driving to therapy, endangering everybody on the road; I was wrong, but doctors’ orders.

I took my pills and sat around doing nothing. My health was getting bad.

After a year, I said the heck with this and got my cannabis card. The next visit to the doctor’s office, I told him no more pills.

All I know now is the doctors were getting money and didn’t care about the side effects of these so-called legal drugs.

After a year on my medicinal marijuana – and no back surgery – doctors gave me an A-plus on my health and said to keep doing what I was doing. I can do all my chores, mow the lawn, walk the dog, ride a bike, go to the lake with my RV and live a good life.

Let’s make marijuana legal for those 21 years and above who want to use it. I know now it is a lot less dangerous than alcohol and tobacco. Again, welcome to the 21st century.



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