Letters to the Editor

March 9, 2014

Rick Baglione: Growth will consume even more water

I find it interesting all the concern over the drought and dropping groundwater levels. While the cries of “blame the farmers,” “stop ag deep wells” are getting louder and louder, no one seems concerned that the city of Modesto wants Wood Colony for expansion, that the city of Oakdale has big plans for expansion, and most stupidly, that the alleged city of Lathrop plans to build 17,000 homes near the San Joaquin River. What these projects all have in common (besides requiring huge amounts of water) is that local leaders feel that we need to provide cheap housing for those unfortunate Bay Area folks.

Maybe if the Bay Area had concentrated on “smart growth” 40 years ago, they would not be experiencing the problems they have now. Unfortunately, we’re heading down the exact same path. Believe me, as someone who grew up in San Jose, I’ve heard this same bilge from local leaders before, i.e. “growth is inevitable,” “we need to provide jobs,” etc., etc, etc. I won’t be around 40 years from now to see how this turns out, but I can only hope that common sense will prevail.



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