Lani Melanbacker Turner: City to get EIR on March 25

03/09/2014 7:00 PM

03/09/2014 7:07 PM

On March 25 the Modesto City Council is bringing back the General Plan EIR issue that was voted on at the Jan. 28 meeting. The council has the opportunity to be courageous and reverse an earlier vote and take all of Wood Colony (including the part they refer to as the Beckwith/Dakota Triangle) and Salida out of the proposed amended general plan. If they don’t take all of these areas out then they need to put back in the area on Beckwith Road that they selectively eliminated in an effort to gerrymander the voting process that would have successfully vetoed any future annexation attempt.

Council members, please do the right thing. You have witnessed the will of the people on this issue. Not only the residents of the targeted areas have spoken in opposition to this plan but also many of your constituents in the city of Modesto.

Join us at the council meeting on March 25 at 5:30 p.m. in the council chambers at 1010 Tenth St. as we continue our efforts to save the community and prime farmland of the Wood Colony.



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