Charles E. Evers III: Desalinization for coast; dams for Valley

03/06/2014 5:49 PM

03/06/2014 5:51 PM

It is not rocket science: All of us know that every city in California has grown in the past. We have many more new homes, new companies, new manufacturers, etc. We have also added more farms, which need water. We, as a state, have done very little to increase our water reserves. In the Valley, where a majority of the produce is grown, we need more dams. It should be noted, dams are also a source of clean hydroelectric power.

The writer of “ Forget building dams; desalinate instead” (Letters, Feb. 26) is right on target about the need for de-sal plants, not just on our coast but also on the East Coast. It is very expensive to do, but we must do this to have water for everyone. It also affords us a lot of jobs where we need them to help America get back to work.

We should have done this years ago. Relief to farmers and others does not fix what is wrong. It just buys time that is not doing us any good for the future. This has to be done so mountain and valley areas have their water from wells, rivers and dams, and the coastal areas have their water from coastal salt water.



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